Non Genuine Savings Update

5 Aug '13

Non Genuine Savings Update - 95% loan valuation ratio (LVR) still available for non-genuine savings.

Need Help with Lenders Mortgage Insurance

If you need assistance with understanding lenders mortgage insurance or simply a greater understanding in dealing with a credit decision based upon lenders mortgage insurance then you should email us today at

Not all lenders offer what Australian lenders mortgage insuers have on offer so don't miss an opportunity and talk to an expert. I note that yourmortgage and echoice offer basic lenders mortgage insurance information but I believe it is just that, information not solutions or explanations.

To assist with your enquiry, please email the following -

Bank or Non Bank Lender where application has been made

Note whether Full Doc or Low Doc

Valuation OR Purchase Price

Loan Amount Required

Reasons for Lenders Mortgage Insurance being declined as explained by your bank/lender OR mortgage broker

Credit History including any defaults or judgements/bankruptcy

Employment history for last 3 years

Savings history over last 6 months

Complete NFC-Short-Form-Application.pdf

You may also go to our main site at and click on "Apply Online" for a more detailed summary of what we may be able to do for you. Our main NFC Blog also has important bank policy updates from all the major Australian Banks and Non-Bank Lenders. We also post vital and immediate updates to so subscribe now and be informed. Simply sign in to your FB profile and LIKE the link above.