Non Genuine Savings Update

4 Aug '13

Non Genuine Savings Update - 95% loan valuation ratio (LVR) still available for non-genuine savings.

Non Genuine Savings Update

Several lenders nationally still offering 95% loan valuation ratio with no genuine savings. There is also the option of capitalising lenders mortgage insurance above the 95% LVR.

We have completed a national lender update with all of our accredited lenders in regards to non-genuine savings and the results were astonishing. The results range from 80% LVR right up to 95% PLUS the capitalisation of lenders mortgage insurance.

There is also still the "Family Guarantee" option where you may be able to borrow 100% of the purchase price plus purchsing costs. For more information see In this case no or only minimal savings would be required with NO lenders mortgage insurance.

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